Monday, April 10, 2017

College Basketball: A Distinct Sporting Event

NCAA basketball is different from that of the NBA. Free throws are closer, the time to cross the half line is longer, games are just two halves instead of four quarters, players get a maximum of five personal fouls instead of six, etc.

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One of the biggest draws to college basketball is its setting. Players will, for most, be identified with their schools until the day they pass on unlike in the NBA where a player can be with a team one season and an entirely different one the next -- only to return as a hero to the original team. (That you, Lebron?) There's a certain passion in the NCAA that just doesn't exist in the NBA because students feel very strongly about their schools. When students do their school cheers and chants, they do it as one. There's this feeling of being part of something much bigger plus knowing who you really are since you even speak the same cheers.

Add the fact that there's more urgency to each game. There are just 34 games in the NCAA while the NBA has 82 (!). Not to belittle NBA squads but they just get more chances to win than the NCAA teams do.

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What about the fact that an NCAA play has a maximum of 35 seconds? Teams can set up a proper defense. With only 24 seconds in the NBA, players tend to go one-on-one more, and the one-man show is more apparent rather than team defense-offense.

Apparao Mukkamala feels strongly about the University of Nevada Rebels, his school's basketball team. He's a college student who likes talking about sports and his other interests on this blog.

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